Build A Living Kid’s Playhouse That Brings Them Back To Mother Nature

by in DIY, Environment, Video March 17, 2017

If your kids are homebodies and don’t get outside very much, then this is the perfect idea to get them outside! Playing outside is healthy for kids and they need to exercise their imaginations!

Because of all of the technology and video games of today, kids virtually have no reason to go outside. If they are outside they have a cell phone or tablet with them! It is important for kids to exercise their imaginations because we need to learn how to maintain a childlike perception – even in adulthood. The spirit of a child has healing abilities! If you’re trying to get your kids outside again, these clubhouse ideas are perfect.


Runner Bean Tee-Pee

You need:

1) 8 – 10 long bamboo canes (6 – 7 feet minimum).
2) Gardening string or a cable tie or similar.
3) A packet of runner bean seeds.
4) Large roll of gardening string or a roll of chicken wire (optional).



1) Choose a spare area of garden, either on a border, or on the lawn. You’ll have to remove a small area of lawn to plant the seeds.

2) Push your bamboo canes into the ground in a circle to form a large pyramid/teepee shape. Leave a large gap between two of the canes for an entrance. Secure the tops of the canes together using either a some garden string, twine, or wire.

3) For best results cover bamboo teepee in either chicken wire, or a network of gardening string.

4) Dig one square foot (12″x 12″ and 12″ deep) around the bases if the bamboo canes.

5) Add compost and/or well rotted manure.

5) Poke two holes approximately 1 – 2″ deep at the base of each cane.

6) Drop one runner bean seed into each hole and fill the hole with water. Once the water has drained away gently drag soil back over the holes and then water again thoroughly. (Runner Beans seeds can also be started off in 3″ pots and transplanted when they reach about 6″ tall).

NOTE: You’ll need to protect the seedlings from slugs by manually removing the slugs every evening until the bean plants are about 6″ tall.

7) If the Runner Beans don’t find the bamboo naturally you can carefully wrap the main shoots around the first part of the bamboo canes or chicken wire until they begin to climb on their own.

8) Keep weeds down and moisture in using lawn trimmings or bark chips around the fresh Runner Bean plants. Water frequently.

The runners bean clubhouse is the perfect way to get the kids outside and playing again! I built this for my own kids and they love it. I even have to beg them to come back inside on some sunny days! It’s also an awesome yard decoration!