25 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water Every Day

by in Health, Natural Cures March 13, 2017

Lemons are amazing for our health! They contain a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals! When you drink lemon water everyday, this is what will happen to your body.

While lemons are a bit sour to the taste, they are actually super alkaline forming in the body. This is where lemons really help out your immune system. Your immune system thrives in an alkaline environment, but that’s not all lemons do. Lemons are amazing for skin too. After you start drinking lemon water once a day, you will soon notice that your complexion is more radiant than ever!


One of the most key essentials to good health is a healthy liver. If your liver is healthy, you are more likely to have other healthy organs. Your liver your body’s filter, and without it you wouldn’t last long. People with unhealthy livers suffer from a range of health issues, but lemon water can be a quick fix! Your liver loves lemon water because it is a stimulant to it. It helps the liver dissolve toxic substances like uric acid, and it also liquefies bile. These are only skimming the surface of the benefits of lemon water. If you drink lemon water every day, this is what will happen to your body.

You feel hydrated – Your Electrolytes are suddenly replenished, and your body is fully hydrated and ready to tackle the day!

You are experiencing less pain because the lemon water is healing your joints – You can expect a decrease in not only bone pain, but muscle pain too.

Your Digesting your food better than ever –  You feel full, with little gas and discomfort. The citric acid in lemons are aiding your stomach by helping dissolve all that gunk!

Your Liver Performance is Sky High –  Like we talked about earlier, your liver loves lemons. It will produce more enzymes thanks to the lemon water.

Your Liver is releasing all the toxins it has been building up for years – The citric acid is helping break that stuff down, so the liver can flush it out for good!

You breathe better – Lemon water is a strong anti-inflammatory, and is a super useful tool for increasing your respiratory function.

You become more regular – Lemon water regulates bowel movements!

You Probably Haven’t Gotten Sick Since You Started – Lemons are such a powerful antioxidant, that they can strengthen your immune system.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety – Because of the lemon’s high content of potassium, you feel better mood wise. Lowered potassium has been linked to depression and anxiety in several different cases.

Lowered Blood Pressure – If you have blood pressure issues, lemons are here for the rescue. It is estimated that lemon water can reduce your blood pressure by at least 10%.

You Gain Alkalinity – When your body is alkaline, you fight off diseases more efficiently! Lemon water naturally increases your pH level.

Softer Skin – Since lemons are so packed full of vitamin C, they are excellent for your skin. You will soon notice you have better color, and your skin is much softer!

Protect Your Fetus – When you’re pregnant, your fetus will absorb lots of nutrients, but it can also forget a few. Lemon water helps aid the fetus in making sure it gets some important compounds it might be missing otherwise.

Relieve Heartburn – If you mix a teaspoon of lemon juice per half glass of water, your heartburn will go away for good.

Kidney Stones – Lemon is not only great for dissolving kidney stones, but it also dissolves gallstones, pancreatic stones, and calcium deposits too.

Increased Weight Loss – Full of pectin fiber, lemons are a great natural way to stimulate weight loss.

Oral Health – Lemon water can cure gingivitis, and can even soothe toothaches.

Rids High Fever – Lemons are great for eliminating the source of a high fever.

Cancer Fighting Abilities – lemons are known for their ability to fight cancer. Several studies have found that cancer can’t thrive in an alkaline environment that the lemon produces.

It Dissolves Digestive Parasites – the acidic nature of lemons can kill parasites on the spot.

Neutralize Free radicals – The vitamin C in lemons helps to naturally neutralize free radicals that have been linked to different diseases.

Strengthened blood vessels – Lemon water has vitamin P, which causes your blood vessels to be be strengthened. This can produce improved cardiac health overall.

Freshened Breath – Have you ever rubbed a lemon on your hands to remove a powerful stench? It’s thought to neutralize odors. The same folk remedy may apply to bad breath.

Lemons contain Pectin Fiber – Pectin Fiber is very beneficial for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial

It Minimizes Bacteria – It helps prevent the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases

Lemon water is good for basically anything. If you are a seeker of alternative medicine, lemon water is a great place to start! It can be a perfect substitute for the toxic, chemical based medications produced by big Pharma. If you have been feeling a bit under the weather lately, drink a glass of lemon water! For best results, grate the lemon peel in the water! The peel is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants! You are sure to feel better very soon!