How To: Ginger Plaster for Various Pains and Rheumatic Problems

by in Food, Health, Natural Cures, Video March 9, 2017

Ginger is something you may have already heard about. It is bursting with a multitude of benefits for our health. When it comes to pain relief ginger is definitely a fantastic go to, if you’re looking for something natural.

Ginger can help to relieve things like arthritis, headaches, muscle soreness, and is known for boosting blood circulation. You have probably already heard of juicing ginger and drinking it or adding it to your everyday meals, but have you considered ginger press? This is in my opinion, the best natural way to ease pain caused by swelling.

Ginger press will give a mild warm burning sensation but that only means it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Ginger press will soak into your skin and target the source of your pain making you feel better with little time. The best part about making a ginger press is how simple it really is.

How to make ginger press:


  • Ginger root
  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • 4 tablespoons of sea salt


  • Pound the ginger, make sure it is crushed well.
  • Remove the skin from the garlic.
  • Add the ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Using a mortar and pestle mix these ingredients until they are all ground properly.
  • Place this mixture on plastic film.
  • Position the film on an area of your body that is causing you pain.
  • Use a bandage to keep this from falling off and tape as well if needed.
  • Leave the ginger press to act for about six hours.

If you are dealing with an open would I do not advise using this, however, it is perfect for muscle aches and things of that sort, This is something that will be just as effective as aspirin or Tylenol without all the associated risks. Will you be trying this remedy? For more information on the amazing benefits of ginger please take the time to watch the video below.