Cancer Dies in Just 42 Hours! This Juice Has Cured More than 50,000 People!

by in DIY, Health, Home, Natural Cures March 7, 2017

There have been many studies on different natural methods of treatment for cancer. While almost every single one has a better outcome than Chemotherapy, this one is sure to kick cancer’s ass.

Cancer has become severely common in modern day society. Whether it be the toxic chemicals in our food, vaccines, or water fluoridation, more people than ever have been stricken with this lethal disease. Cancer foundations have claimed that they are medically advanced, yet cancer rates have only increased… While the most effective and natural treatment for cancer is THC, it is extremely controversial and highly illegal in most parts of the world.

Until the medical awakening of marijuana is broken through, this juice is sure to get the job done! It is packed full of all the most naturally cancer-fighting ingredients there is. If cancer cells are presented with a certain environment, they will naturally enter a state of apoptosis. This is the cancer cell essentially killing itself! The juice has been used by many people across the world, and supposedly has cured over 50,000 cases of cancer! The recipe is below.


  • 55% of beet
  • 20% of celery (root)
  • 20% of carrots
  • 3% of potatoes
  • 2% of radishes


    Simply mix the ingredients together in a blender or juicer and take the juice 2 times a day.