8 Gross Things That Are Legally Allowed in Your Food

by in Food February 24, 2017

Food is one of the most important things in our lives. Without food, we would waste away to nothing but skin and bones.

The enormous companies producing our food are mass producing things with a few extra ingredients that no one likes to talk about. Thanks to the FDA disgusting things like beetle eggs and even feces are making their way to our mouths in each meal we consume. How much of this can we take?

The FDA actually allows up to nine milligrams of rat pellets (rat feces) in wheat. Yes, that bread you eat almost every day could have been made with rat poop. I wish I could say this was the worst of it, but it is not. There are even bug heads in some foods as well as flame retardants. Delicious, right? The list below will go over a few of the disgusting things in our food.

Nasty Things Legally Allowed in Your Food:


  • Feces (As mentioned above.)
  • Larvae (Mostly in canned veggies. The FDA allows two or more three mm or longer larvae and/or larval fragments whose aggregate length exceeds twelve mm.)
  •  Thrips (Bugs, the FDA allows up to forty of more per one hundred grams of food such as asparagus or beer hops.)
  • Bug Heads (Mostly found in fig paste. Thirteen or more insect heads per one hundred grams of fig paste is allowed.)
  • Flame Retardant (BVO, used in sodas and sports drinks.)
  • Maggots ( Yes, maggots. Less than twenty per one hundred grams of drained mushrooms is allowed as long as they are under two mm.)
  • Beetle Eggs (Most common on canned asparagus.)
  •  Fruit Flies (Up to fifteen fruit fly eggs and one or more maggots per one hundred grams of tomato sauce is allowed.)

Who knew the foods we were eating were this gross? Sure we already knew they were riddled with cancer causing chemicals but they are also covered in poop and bugs? Is there no end to the amount of feces these giant food corporations are going to shovel at us? We deserve better than this. Sure a little extra protein never hurt anyone but is this really what we want? Gardening never looked more fun than it does right now.