This Spice Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain…

by in Health, Video February 20, 2017

Fluoride is found in more places than you would think these days. It is in everything from antibiotics to drinking water.

Exposure to fluoride is almost unavoidable. We have been quite lucky, however, to be given research showing that curcumin, a common household spice, can prevent fluoride damage! A study published in the Pharmacognosy Magazine titled, “Curcumin attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride: An in vivo evidence,” has provided us with information that suggests fluoride is legitimately a brain-damaging substance.

The neurotoxicity of fluoride has been a ‘debate’ for quite some time now. It is well known for it’s IQ lowering properties, research has shown that Curcumin also known as turmeric is an ideal agent worth testing as a neuroprotective substance. Research in the past has shown that curcumin is more than capable of acting as an antioxidant. In order to assess this as a possible means of protecting against fluoride damage researchers randomly divided mice up into four groups for a thirty day period.

The groups were broken up as follows:

  1.  Control group (no fluoride)
  2. Fluoride (120ppm): fluoride was given in distilled water drinking water was without restriction.
  3. Fluoride (120 ppm/30 mg/kg body weight) along with curcumin: Oran dose of curcumin dissolved in olive oil along with fluoride in drinking water.
  4. Curcumin (30 mg/kg body weight)

When it came to seeing how effective this was the researchers measured the malondialdehyde (MDA) content in the brains of the mice used. MDA is something that has been used as a marker for oxidative stress/damage for a long time now. As was expected the fluoride only group showed highly elevated MDA levels when beside the other groups. The third group that was given both fluoride as well as curcumin saw reduced levels. This is quite the demonstration of just how neuroprotective curcumin can be against fluoride’s neurotoxicity.

Do you get enough turmeric (curcumin) in your daily life? If you don’t then it is time to start ingesting more of it especially when even our toothpaste is riddled with fluoride. Try drinking some turmeric golden milk it tastes great and will help protect you from fluoride. Learn how to make it by watching the video below.