Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods Are Now Available For Your Keurig

by in Food, Health February 17, 2017

Sure, you can smoke marijuana but if you ever want to add a little bit more of something special to your morning coffee this may be the product for you. In the states where it is legal, you may want to keep an eye out for these.

A company known as Brewbudz is making some very interesting coffee pods. They are infused with marijuana. You can also get marijuana-infused tea and cocoa. These products some in different THC dosage options and will give you an uplifting effect. It will enhance your coffee more than you might think.


The main focus of this product is to provide an edible form of cannabis that can be used when it comes to supporting a wide range of medical conditions. To make these coffee pods even better they are one hundred percent compostable. According to their website, these pods can actually break down in a matter of about five weeks when done correctly.


What do you think about these interesting new coffee pods? Would you use them? I bet it is even more fantastic than the company intended.