6 Signs Your Appendix is About to Burst

by in Health, Home February 17, 2017

Did you know that about ten percent of the population ends up with appendicitis. This is a very serious condition that can be life-threatening if untreated.

While not every single case of appendicitis will lead to a burst it is something that can happen. The longer the condition goes unchecked the more at risk you will be of having it rupture. Luckily, there are several warning signs for this that we can look for. If you notice any of these things please do not hesitate to call your doctor or even visit the emergency room.

You don’t quite feel all ‘there.’


If you are feeling disoriented this can mean that your infection is becoming much worse and possibly entered your bloodstream. When this is happening the sooner you get help the better. This can be a sign of a stroke as well.

You’re going to the bathroom more than usual by a lot.


For some people, their appendix is positioned much lower in the pelvis, fairly close to the bladder. When the bladder comes in contact with an inflamed appendix the bladder also becomes irritated itself. This is something that will make you feel as if you have to pee all the time and when you do pee you may feel pain. While this is also an obvious UTI symptom when being brought about with other symptoms this can be a red flag.

You’re running a fever.


When you have a fever as well as the chills it is a sign of there being inflammation somewhere in your body. If you are dealing with stomach pain along with a fever you should see a doctor.

You’re throwing up and have no appetite.


Sure, you may just be dealing with a common stomach bug but if you are having pain and dealing with this you need to get it checked into. Inflammation of the appendix can affect other aspects of the GI tract and cause vomiting.

You’re dealing with severe stomach pain.


Appendicitis is something that is known for the severe pain it causes. This pain will extend from the belly button to the lower right side of the abdomen. Of course, severe pain does not mean it is about to burst but it is enough of a sign for you to see a doctor. If you’re experiencing pain when doing common everyday things like coughing, walking, or even going over a bump in the car your appendix is likely inflamed.

You’re constipated or experiencing severe diarrhea.


While this is not always severe it is something you should still pay attention to. If you have already been experiencing abdominal pain this is another red flag. You should see a doctor especially if you notice mucus in your poop.

Appendicitis is no joke, it can go from harmless to deadly overnight. Never make the mistake of leaving it untreated. If you are dealing with the symptoms above it is time to see your doctor. For more information on appendicitis please watch the video below.