How to Inhale Himalayan Pink Salt to Help Remove Mucus, Bacteria, and Toxins From Your Lungs

by in DIY, Health, Video February 14, 2017

Tons of people are beginning to realize just how unhealthy table salt really is and how Himalayan salt is the best alternative, while this is fantastic Himalayan salt is good for much more than just adding a bit of flavor to your fries. When it comes to Himalayan salt it can do more things than you’d think.

Himalayan salt contains the same 84 natural elements and minerals we all have in out human bodies. These minerals are the reason why we are able to live and stay healthy. Now, the minerals found in Himalayan salt are in an ionic state meaning they are extremely tiny. This makes them easy for the body to absorb. This is something that is relatively new here in the United States but has been taking other places by storm for quite some time.

Here in the United States, we are becoming more aware of the things around us and salt therapy is becoming a big hit. This salt is an anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. We should always be safe on the amounts while still taking in these amazing benefits.

Himalayan salt can be obtained in store or online depending on your preference and comes in the form of blocks, lamps, slabs, and ground salt. You can even use this salt as an inhaler. Salt inhalers are actually working quite well when it comes to things like reducing mucus and swelling of the nasal passages. You can use a salt inhaler to cleanse the body of harmful organisms.

Here’s how it works:

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Things Needed:

  • Ceramic inhaler (Do not even attempt this with a plastic one.)
  • Himalayan salt (rock form)


  • Place the rocks inside of your ceramic inhaler and put the mouthpiece into your mouth.
  • Breathe as you do normally through your mouth and exhale through the nose.
  • Do not add water to this as this is for dry therapy only.
  • When inhaling do so with long deep slow breaths as this will ensure the salt ions get to your lungs.

This method can reduce inflammation and reduce lung pain if that is an issue. For more information on this amazing salt inhaler please take the time to watch the video below. I am in awe!