Only 2 Ingredients – The Secret to Eliminate Belly Fat Fast!

by in DIY, Natural Cures February 13, 2017

Did you know you could get rid of unwanted fat with a cream? Sure, this sounds a little far-fetched but it is true!

In order to make this cream, you will need something called camphor. This is a bicyclic monoterpene ketone found in plants. It is used topically for several different issues. It is colorless and generally, comes in a crystalline powder. When ingested camphor can have some nasty side effects. I recommend you only use this topically, never ingest camphor. It can also work to relieve pain if you are dealing with such.

Camphor Cream


  • 2 tablets of camphor
  • a large package of baby oil
  • container


  • Add the camphor into the oil and be sure to mix it well.
  • Once the ingredients have become a homogenous mixture put it into a container.
  • Leave this alone for three whole days.
  • On the third day stir it once again and you can begin using it.
  • Apply this cream every night before bed to the abdomen and waist.

If you have a camphor allergy this is not the remedy for you. Be sure to drink large amounts of water when undergoing this treatment method and do it constantly. If you do this properly you will achieve the desired results. Enjoy!