This Ingredient Will End Hair Loss Forever!

by in Natural Cures February 10, 2017

Losing your hair is one of the worst things to experience! Our hair is the center of our self-confidence, and when you lose your hair it feels like you lost it all. Thankfully, this natural remedy is easy and effective!

Pharmaceutical companies claim they have the treatment to restore hair loss, and prevent it. This is only false advertising, as most of their topical hair loss treatments contain harmful ingredients and barely even work! For example, Rogaine is a topical application that you apply to your scalp. It causes the scalp to be extremely sensitive to the sun. Also, the Mayo Clinic reports that you may experience chest pain, blurred vision, swelling, weight gain, or rapid heart rate if you use Rogaine! Instead of risking your life – literally, try this natural remedy for stopping hair loss.

A new natural ingredient has taken the internet by the antlers. New studies have been released showing the guava leaves can restore your full head of hair! People have claimed that it is a miracle worker, and it also useful for thickening up thin hair! The guava leaves are rich in vitamins that stimulate hair growth. It has also shown to be effective in treating dandruff! They contain analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Alongside vitamin C, B, and antioxidants, the guava leaves can restore your hair and your confidence!


  • Handful of guava leaves
  • 1 liter water
  • Boiling pot
  • Strainer


Pour the water into the pot and place it on the stove. Bring the water to a boil.
To the boiling water, add the guava leaves.
Let the water boil for 20 minutes.
Strain the liquid and let it cool.


Wash and cleanse your hair with shampoo and skip conditioning. Once your hair is almost dry, section it and start applying the guava leaf solution. Massage the solution into your scalp for at least 10 minutes and ensure that all of your hair saturated with it. Pay extra attention to the roots and tips while you apply the solution. You can leave this solution on for up to 2 hours. Optionally, you can wrap your hair in a towel and sleep with the solution in your hair. Rinse the solution out of your hair with lukewarm water.