9 ‘Facts’ the Meat Industry Wants You to Believe

by in Animals, Environment, Video February 10, 2017

When it comes to the meat industry they are very driven to increase profit to the maximum amount. They will do this even if it means being unfair to these animals that have been dealt a terrible hand in the game of life.

The meat industry does it’s best to keep the things that go on inside slaughter facilities under wraps. We are supposed to assume these animals are on a cute little barnyard farm like back in the old days but that is far from the truth. These animals are being factory farmed and it is truly disgustingly heartbreaking to learn about the things these animals go through.

The animals who are factory farmed the most consist of pigs, cows, chickens, and fish. Do not be deceived by the lies you are being fed. These animals deserve better even if they are destined to be slaughtered they deserve a good life while they are here.

‘Facts’ The Meat Industry Wants You To Believe:


Chicken is healthy- A study done in 2012 found that chickens living on these factory farms are growing so fast that the muscle in them becomes fat and is not as nutritious as the meat industry pretends it is.


Animals raised for meat are treated humanely- All animals bred for food will meet a terrible unnecessary death and no animal wants to die. These animals are not treated humanely at all. If you want to see the terrible things done to these beautiful animals please watch the video below.


Farmed animals are raised in open pastures- No, they are not. Those happy cows and other animals you see on the packaging are not real. These animals are kept in tiny spaces, abused, neglected, and slaughtered. 

grass fed

Grass fed beef is better- This is not true, the only sustainable beef is beef that was never produced or consumed.


Meat is sustainable- This is a lie no matter what the packaging says. Animal agriculture is one of the leading things contributing to climate change. In doing things like this we are wasting resources. Animal products are not sustainable or environmentally friendly in any way at all.


You cannot receive calcium without milk- We do not need to consume milk in order to have strong bones. Cow’s milk is actually not healthy and comes with a lot of suffering on the animals part. You can get loads of calcium via plant-based foods.


You need meat for protein- Protein is abundant in a lot of plant-based foods. You can get protein in things like nuts, beans, and tofu. You can get enough protein easily through plant-based foods. Meat is not a necessity.


Factory farming is the only way to keep everyone fed- Factory farming is extremely wasteful. It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce just one single pound of beef! We could feed a much larger amount of people with the grain versus the beef. It is all about profit.


They don’t feel it (when they are slaughtered)- These animals feel exactly what is happening. They are forced to live in fear and then slaughtered in the most disgusting ways. Would you want your throat slit or maybe to be boiled alive? We are going to have a lot of hell to pay when the time comes to take punishment for the things we have done.

Whether you are a meat eater or not I am sure you can at least agree that these animals deserve a good life while they are in this world. Would you rather eat a chicken that has been pumped with steroids and had its beak seared off or a chicken that is steroid free and lived a good life on a real farm till the time came for it to pass? The question is not as hard as some people make it out to be. Your answer says a lot about who you are as person.