Tiny Metal Fragments Found In Liquid Tylenol With No Recall! Avoid at All Costs!

by in Health February 8, 2017

Recently we are finding medications and corporate foods to have more and more toxic chemicals in them. Now, the US News Report states that infants liquid Tylenol contains tiny bits of metal!

A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson has faced some serious legal issues when it was discovered that their infant medication contained traces of heavy metal! Think this is a hoax? Think again, because the company pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of manufacturing and processing of altered over the counter medications.

There have been no reports of injuries so far, but heavy metal poisoning can take years for effects to take place! During manufacturing, traces of chromium, nickel, and iron found their way into the liquid Tylenol medication. The company knew about this happening for over a yea,r and made no move to do anything about it. The company agreed to pay a $25 Million dollar settlement with the US Department of Justice. Despite the settlement, the company is still allowed to produce infant Tylenol.

Funny how money can change our leader’s minds so quickly. What do you think about this issue? Should Johnson & Johnson be held accountable for what they’ve done? They have neglected the health of the public, but for some reason, they are still able to produce the toxic medication! I, along with many others, will be boycotting Johnson & Johnson products. You should too.