Mutant Cattle Shows Exactly What Is Wrong With the Meat Industry

by in Animals February 8, 2017

The meat industry is one of the most corrupt industries in the world. Animals are neglected, poisoned, and genetically modified, and the product is startling.

This image of a mutated bull is surely shocking. You might even claim that it is fake, but it is 100% real. This type of bull is selectively bred by many different cattle farmers on purpose! They call it the Belgian Blue Bull, and it has a mutated gene that causes them to grow huge!

These cattle look so bulky because of the mutated gene that causes them to almost double in size. Because of this mutation, the cattle are less likely to suffer from serious health issues. The pregnancy is extremely rough, and they require a c-section 100% of the time. They are also prone to many different birth defects, like an extremely enlarged tongue.  This makes it near impossible for them to nurse. Genetically modifying cattle, or any other living thing is extremely inhumane. However, it brings in more profit – so who cares right? At least that is what their mindsets seem to be.

The cattle farmers are bringing in more profit because they are saving on medical costs. The mutated cows are less likely to get sick and have to go to the vet than a normal cow would. They also inject them with constant drugs to keep them alive in these cramped and miserable conditions. Just check out the photos below.





It all starts from within, do not support farms that abuse their animals with selective breeding and antibiotic treatment. Don’t give your money to this death trap!