Burning Bay Leaves In Your House Will Do This For Your Mental Health

by in Natural Cures February 3, 2017

Bay leaves can serve many different purposes, but have you ever heard of burning one in the house? You might be surprised by the benefits it has on your household!

Certain Aromas can stimulate a more productive and calming household. Aromatherapy can be used in the treatment of many different mental disorders and conditions. This is where bay leaves really do some aromatic magic! Burning a bay leaf in your home will result in lowered blood pressure, better sleep, and simply a more relaxed state of mind! This is really one for those who work from home, it really increases productivity.

Burning bay leaves in your home one significant benefit, though. It alleviates anxiety! Like seriously alleviates it. It isn’t one of the stupid stress relieving candles from bath and body works. This is from mother nature and it is the real deal. The bay leaf contains a compound called linalool. A study by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists found that linalool decreases anxiety and enhances social interaction. In as little as 10 minutes of smelling a burning bay leaf, linalool begins working. Some have even described the effect as mildly psychedelic.

Bay leaves contain myrcene and eugenol. Both of these compounds possess great anti-inflammatory properties and are, in fact, used heavily in stress reduction therapy. They are also great for increasing your respiratory function. When you burn a bay leaf, these compounds become airborne. Once inhaled, they will reduce any respiratory inflammation. This can work wonders if you suffer from allergies or have a bad cold.

If you are a sickly person, a smoker, an anxiety sufferer, or a human in general, you should start burning bay leaves in your home! I have included a video below showing a proper way to burn the bay leaves within the sanction of our homes.