Organic Hemp Bras Could Be The Key To Preventing Breast Cancer

by in Natural Cures February 1, 2017

Before you purchase your next over the shoulder boulder holder, you should really consider purchasing a hemp bra! Studies show that these bras made from hemp could significantly reduce your chances of breast cancer.

We all know that marijuana is one of the most proven solutions for many different types of cancers. Even the lawmakers who made it illegal know this, as they keep it illegal to profit off of. Marijuana has specifically shown to be effective in fighting breast cancer. According to research from the California Pacific Medical Research Center published last year, CBD, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, can help inhibit metastasis in breast cancer cells. Metastasis is a tumor’s ability to spread throughout the body. Additionally, a freaking bra made out of hemp can lower your risk for breast cancer!
Studies have shown that the typical underwire bras are actually really bad for your twins. Actually, one study showed that women who wear underwire bras for more than 12 hours a day have had a higher chance of developing breast cancer. Scientists involved with the study concluded that this is because the underwire bra restricts the lymph node system, which can lead to the buildup of toxin-laden lymph in the breasts. Hemp is the most natural and effective material to use as a bra alternative. Probably because hemp is grown GMO-free and pesticide-free, unlike cotton. This prevents you from being a resting place for pesticides and foreign chemicals.