Wrapped Ginger – Remove Mucus From Your lungs in One Night and Cure Bad Cough

by in DIY, Health January 28, 2017

Being forced to stay up all night because you cannot stop sneezing or coughing can be a pain. This is something that can ruin not only your day but your whole week.

Children can be subject to this kind of thing even more so than adults. This is because they have much weaker immune systems than we do. If you are dealing with a cough it is likely that your doctor will simply prescribe you something like cough syrup because it is ‘this best solution.’ However, it is not the best solution. Pharmaceutical solutions like that can have negative effects on us and our children this is something we know, and a large portion of us actually ignore it. Cough medicine can cause headaches, sleepiness, and other negative effects. Natural methods that contain things like raw honey would be much more beneficial than cough syrup.

If you or someone in your family is dealing with a mild cough this is the best thing to do. Combining ginger and honey will do more good than you could imagine. Enjoy!

Ginger Honey Wrap



  • Combine the honey, olive oil, and flour.
  • Add ginger in last and mix it well.
  • put the mixture on a napkin and wrap a gauze around it.
  • Using the adhesive tape place this to your chest or back.
  • If doing this for a child they should only have the wrap on for about three hours before bed.
  • If for an adult then leaving it on overnight is ideal. This ginger wrap will make you sweat much more than usual.