Forget Coffins! This Company Will Swirl You Into Beautiful Glass Creations When You Die!

by in Other, Uncategorized, Video January 27, 2017

Based out of Seattle, this company is helping people all over! If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one I suggest you check this out.

This company is called ‘Artful Ashes,’ they specialize in creating extremely unique glass memorials. They look like balls of the galaxy and are quite beautiful! Each memorial comes with an inscribed message with the customer’s loved one’s name on it. These memorials are made through the art of glass blowing, they can come in an orb or a heart.

The best part is each one contains a tablespoon of your loved one’s ashes. They are around fourteen ounces of solid glass and prices are around $150 dollars per orb. The images below really speak for themselves. Each one is a different person’s loved one. These beautiful works of art are truly fantastic. I would love for someone who cares about me to end up with one of these after I pass.








For a little insight on how these amazing things are created please watch the video below. These memorials require a lot of time and patience to make and as I mentioned before are quite amazing. I am in awe!