Rather Than Throwing Away Old Glass Bottles, Here Are 10 Ways to Reuse Them Around the House

by in DIY January 25, 2017

If you’re a wine drinker like me, you’ll probably find yourself with lots of empty glass bottles, but instead of throwing them away, here are 10 ways to reuse them around the house.

With the advancement of society, we forget to think about all of the things were throwing away. Landfills are only getting fuller, and it’s time to start reducing, reusing, and recycling. If you are a wine drinker, you probably end up throwing away lots of glass bottles. While chucking those bad boys in the garbage and hearing them shatter is lots of fun, and oddly a little stress relieving, it isn’t the best option for our environment. It is important to reuse all that we can! We throw out so much useful stuff, and we could be saving it all along! Here are 10 ways to reuse those old wine bottles. They are easy and fun DIY’s, and they’re saving the environment!


Wine Bottles make an excellent bird feeder. Learn how here.


You can also make a soap dispenser out of old glass bottles. Here is the tutorial. slide_431978_5628392_free

Wine bottles make an excellent tool for storing away table snacks. They look great, and keep them fresh! Here is the DIY. slide_431978_5621876_free

You can make an awesome wine bottle shelf! Perfect for storing the not so empty bottles! Here’s how!slide_431978_5621720_free

Make this super cool and easy LED Lamp! Here are the instructionsslide_431978_5621468_free

They make a great holiday centerpiece for the table. Here are some ideas. slide_431978_5628374_freeWine bottles are perfect for containing a citronella candle. They look great too!

You can also make some stylish winter candles with themslide_431978_5621746_free

Don’t forget about utilizing them for some cool and fun Halloween decorations! Here’s the DIY.slide_431978_5621658_free

These work perfect for table cards. They look fantastic for special occasions like wedding receptions!