10 Toxic Potato Chip Brands That You Should Never Put In Your Mouth , and 16 Alternatives!

by in Health January 22, 2017

Many different large corporate food manufacturers have been caught using seriously toxic ingredients! Some even have carcinogenic ingredients! Once again, Here is 10 chip brands you should never eat again.

Potato chips somehow find their way into almost every home across America. I can never remember eating potato chips or seeing anyone in my house eating them, but for some reason we always have them! Anyways, if you are a potato chip fanatic, you need to be very careful when it comes to choosing what brand to invest in. While there are organic potato chips on the market, many mainstream and large potato chip companies are using toxic ingredients! Here are 10 of them, and also here are 16 alternatives to potato chips.


Before we get to the brands to avoid, I want you to know about the toxic ingredients their using. They are using Acrylamide, a probable carcinogen. French fries also contain over one hundred times the recommended dose. The FDA has warned against its dangerous side effects, but somehow it is still legal to use. They also use GMO vegetable oils and harsh additives that can really damage your metabolism.

Brands to Avoid:


Lay’s is a very common chip brand. They are actually a very family trusted brand. All that changes now. They are owned by Pepsi, so keep that in mind when buying other Pepsi products.


Considering the fact that they use 50% less potatoes than other chip brands should really be an indicator of no good. They are also owned by Proctor and gamble, a company that tests on animals… They also own brands like Dawn, Gillette, Olay, Tampax, and Tide.

Cape Cod

These chips have a high level of Acrylamide. They were also involved in a lawsuit in 2008 for its obscene levels of the chemical. 7,000 PPM to be precise!

Kettle Chips

They also contain an obscene amount of Acrylamide.

Good Health Natural Foods Olive Oil Potato Chips

At 385 ppb of acrylamide, these potato chips are best avoided.

Herr’s Potato Chips

These chips are similar to the rest, swooping in with about 468 PPB of the toxic chemical.


Sickening to think that this brand claims to have organic chips. They also contain mass amounts of acrylamide.


Ruffles are owned by Pepsi, so this is no shock. They contain 292 ppb.

Terra Sweet Potato Chips

767 ppb, and claiming to be healthy for children. Incredible.

Route 11 Sweet Potato Chips

At 2762 ppb, these chips come in at the worst levels of acrylamide you’ve seen on this list. Sweet potato chips are known to have more toxic ingredients than regular potato chips.