Magnesium, Not Calcium, is The Key to Healthy Bones

by in Health, Video January 21, 2017

We are all pushed for some reason to believe that calcium is the main thing that helps build strong bones. However, this is not true calcium is one of many minerals our bodies need when it comes to strong bones.

The actual key to developing healthy bones during childhood may actually not be calcium at all based on this research presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting. Just how effective are calcium supplements really? A study done in 2004 showed that people with excess calcium in their coronary arteries and who take statins have a risk 17 fold higher for heart attacks.

Another study in 2008 showed that calcium supplements are associated with a larger number of heart attacks in postmenopausal women. Food will always be the best source when it comes to your intake of calcium. If you get the recommended amount via the foods you eat you should not be taking a supplement. This being said the intake of magnesium as I mentioned above is a key predictor when considering total bone mineral content and bone density during childhood.

Dietary magnesium is very important and unrecognized factor in bone mineral accretion when it comes to children. Yes, calcium is important however it is not the only mineral your children need regarding bone health. For more information on this and the importance of magnesium please watch the video below.