New Device Can Diagnose 17 Different Diseases From A Single Breath

by in Health, Video January 19, 2017

Wouldn’t t be great if we could find out what is making us ill by just breathing? That is the goal of this new technology!

This is being called the NA-Nose and is compared to a breathalyzer. It can determine what disease someone has with about eighty percent accuracy. How fantastic! According to one study published in the journal ACS Nano, it is able to differentiate diseases from one another because it is able to pick up on something known as volatile organic compounds.


Each of these 17 diseases (the ones able to be detected by this machine) release 13 specific compounds all in different ways. This product has been tested with breath samples from around 1,400 people in many different countries and was able to diagnose them correctly nine out of ten times. This amazing device is going to hopefully help us catch diseases much earlier than usual. This will increase survival rates drastically.

This is something that can help tons of people for more information on it please watch the video below. Would you use the Na-Noise? How insanely fascinating is this device? I hope to see it in use soon!