WATCH: Lion Takes Absolutely BRUTAL Revenge On Big Game Hunter!

by in Environment January 16, 2017

Lions are one of the most majestic animals on earth! They are beautiful animals and they are also extremely endangered! Watch how this lion takes brutal revenge on a big game hunter!

They say cats have nine lives, but this isn’t quite true when it comes to the Serengeti lion. The Serengeti lion lives a challenging life of surviving, but they definitely have it down pat. However, life spans of Serengeti lions are actually rather short compared to the life spans of other lions. With good survival skills, a Serengeti lion is fortunate to make it to 12 years old! Aside from the unforgiving landscape, Serengeti lions are dying off rather rapidly. We know just who to blame too.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is rather familiar with this topic. They are the leading international conservation organization. AWF focuses solely on the environment of Africa. They say that Africa’s wildlife and people are depending on them. The African Wildlife Foundation has kept the wildlife in their best interest for over 50 years! They also are aware of the reason lion populations are decreasing so rapidly! A deadly predator takes the lives of lions more and more each year. Lion’s are the king of the jungle, so what could it be? Yes, just as you expected – humans.

Lions are now extinct in north Africa, according to the respected International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, and headed rapidly that way in west Africa. Across 60-some territories scattered around southern and eastern Africa, IUCN’s current status summary reports a projected current population of fewer than 20,000. Every year, foreign hunters export the carcasses (usually just the head and hide) of 665 wild lions from Africa—an average of nearly two lions each day. In Zimbabwe, the country where Cecil was killed, hunters exported 49 lion trophies in 2013 alone. Since Cecil’s death in early July, it’s likely that at least a dozen other lions have been shot by trophy hunters.

Although the mass amounts of hunted lions, one tiger got his revenge! A trophy hunter was thinking he was on his way to pick up a trophy when he was mauled by a lion! The rationalization of “trophy hunting” is a pathetic excuse for egotistical man and woman practicing dominance over helpless species. Well, things came full circle for this trophy hunter and her cowardly, and incompetent, guide as they gloat over their kill. Little did they know the lion they killed had some backup, and this big boy ain’t going to let them get away with their deadly arrogance. Watch the video below!