Most People Cook Onions Wrong. Here’s the Right Way to Use Each One

by in Natural Cures January 16, 2017

There are all kinds of different onions! Each one has a slightly different taste, smell, and color. But, did you know each one has a specific purpose?

It’s true, each different kind of onion has a specific purpose. Onions can be used for a multitude of different health issues. It has natural disease fighting compounds that help the body rid itself of toxins and waste. Which type of onions is the healthiest? Researchers from Cornell studied 11 onion varieties and found that shallots and Western yellow onions were the healthiest for their phenolic and flavonoid content. Onions can be used to treat high blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and even preventing cancer! Onions contain a powerful ingredient called quercetin. This compound helps ward off the production of cancer cells.

All these onions vary slightly in flavor, texture, and color, but can usually be substituted for one another. In terms of cooking, they will all behave the same in the pan. Avoid soft onions or ones that have a sharp oniony odor before peeling. These are indications that the onion is old. Each different onion also has different contents of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The video below explains the difference between each type of onion, and what they should be used for.