12 Creative Ways to Use an Old Shoe Caddy

by in Home January 6, 2017

Everyone has bought a shoe caddy at some point, and it always seems like they end up in a closet or under the bed! If shoe caddies aren’t sufficient for your shoes, here are 12 handy ways to use them!

Sometimes shoe caddies just don’t get the job done when it comes to storing away our favorite kicks. Maybe you have too many shoes, or they’re too big, or maybe they are too small! Either way, it isn’t uncommon for a shoe caddy to end up collecting dust. Let’s face it – we all kind of regret our decision of buying one. However, there might be a couple ways to change that!

Shoe caddies can be used for numerous things. They can really come in handy for spring cleaning. They are an excellent way to clean up and organize everyday things. Here are 12 uses for a shoe caddy! Free up space under the bed and try one of these!

  1. Nail Polish – Hang the caddy up on the back of a closet door, or maybe on the inside of a cabinet. Store your nail polishes in all the different spaces! No more spilled nail polish in the bottom of a bag.nail-polish
  2. Pantry – Hang the caddy on the back of the pantry door. You can use it organize kids snacks or canned goods! Organize all those cans and boxes in the pantry but storing them in a caddy!f5f138d9afb4c9423549423d1b512f04
  3. Towels – Shoe caddies are excellent for storing towels. Simply roll up the towels and place in each different compartment. You can hang it on a bathroom wall or on the bathroom door! This trick is super nifty!hh_13_overdoorstorage_r0426_cmyk_x
  4. Bathroom Vanity – Put a shoe caddy on the wall of your bathroom vanity to store away bathroom supplies. You can use each space to store hairbrushes, dryers, straighteners, and other supplies.over-the-door-shoe-organizer
  5. First Aid Kit – Use a caddy to store away the most urgent first aid equipment you own. This can be used for quick and easy access in case of an emergency. It’s a great way to ensure that band aids or what have you are always within easy reach when you need them.7a992a0dd16b65840b046e32d5a95cc8
  6. Dolls – You can use a caddy to store away your little princesses dolls! Simply hang on the back of a closet door and place the barbies in the slots.container-store-shoe-organizer-for-barbies
  7. Crafts – After you get done scrapbooking, use a caddy to store all the different pieces of paper and materials. You can also stow away your sewing supplies, colored pencils, markers, sharpeners, and erasers!170e52b89c64f2590c7eff4442d5d364
  8. Camping Trips – This one is genius! Hang a shoe caddy from a tent to store away all your different materials while you are on a camping trip! You can contain washing materials, eating utensils, food, flashlights, and other materials too! This idea is great for the outdoorsmen!51xgipr
  9. Accessories – Use shoe caddies to store all your fashion accessories in! You can use it to store away hats, gloves, socks, and even underwear!img_08102
  10. Cleaning Supplies – Hanging a shoe caddy in your linen or cleaning closet is a perfect way to store all your cleaning supplies! You can see all your options at once instead of have to ramble through them in a cabinet!download-5
  11. Makeup – just like the nail polish, you can avoid having spilled makeup products in the bottom of a bag simply by storing them in a shoe caddy!makeup
  12. Gardening Tools – Storing all your gardening tools in one is super useful! It frees up tons of space too! Just hang it on the wall in your outdoor shed!9d6447b89c5c541e8c6f1e70f3247d23