Expert DIYer Shows How to Quickly Remove Pet Stains Using Just 2 Ingredients

by in DIY January 5, 2017

As loving pet owners, we know that sometimes messes happen. Sometimes cleaning up after our pets can seem frustrating, however, we do not let that affect our feelings towards our pets.

When dealing with a pet related mess you don’t have to use all those crazy harmful commercial cleaning products. You can use a simple two ingredient mix and keep things clean without effort. This mixture is made up of things you probably already have lying around your house and will do the trick every time. This cleaning mixture is even safe to use on your pets when they get a bit dirty but don’t quite need a bath!

Miracle Cleaner For Pets and Pet Messes




  • Create a mixture of the Dawn and peroxide in a dish.
  • Mix for about thirty seconds.
  • Dip a brush, sponge, or rag into this mixture. (You can also pour it into a small spray bottle and use it that way as well.)
  • Scub out the mess depending on the area.
  • For use on pets simply wash them off with a ray dipped into the mix as you would if you were using baby wipes.

This is safe for your pets and works really well. You’re house will be looking much better and be much safer without all the dangerous commercial cleaners. Who knew the key to cleaning up after your dog could be so simple? Enjoy!