Here’s How to Flush Fluoride Out of Your System

by in Health, Natural Cures January 2, 2017

It seems like Fluoride, a poisonous neurotoxin, has been incorporated into a large portion of our remaining natural resources! Fluoride is horrible for your body, so here is how to flush it out of your system!

High contents of fluoride have been found in America’s drinking water. It can also be found in many other foods, drinks, or even natural resources. Fluoride is most commonly used in dental hygiene such as toothpaste and mouthwashes. Regardless of where we are accumulating fluoride, studies have shown that humans are ingesting dangerous levels of it.

Fluoride bio-accumulates in the body, which means the more of it you take in, the more you accumulate. Fluoride damage is particularly bad for the thyroid because its store of iodine is depleted. Iodine deficiency can affect the thyroid’s metabolic and immune functions, leading to hypothyroidism and lowered immunity.

Fluoride exposure can be extremely dangerous. You can experience some severe side effects from it too, it is a horrible neurotoxin. Exposure to fluoride can cause a weakened skeletal system; this results in something called skeletal fluorosis. Fluoride travels through the bloodstream to the bones, and combines itself with calcium. Calcium goes to your bones, so fluoride starts to take the place of calcium and it results in weak bones. It can also cause arthritis, which is the calcification of cartilage.

Like I said before, Fluoride is toxic for your thyroid. Iodine and fluoride belong to a family of compounds known as halogens. Although iodine is beneficial to the thyroid, fluoride is not. However, because of the similarities, the thyroid can absorb fluoride instead of iodine. This is bad… very bad! Fluoride is toxic to thyroid cells; it inhibits function and causes cell death. For decades, fluoride was used to reduce thyroid function in individuals suffering from an overactive thyroid. Now the range used in water fluoridation matches the levels typically used to reduce thyroid function.

It is important to cleanse your body of fluoride. The key to eliminating fluoride in the body is Selenium, nature’s antidote for fluoride. A study published in the Journal of Hygiene Research says that “taking selenium supplements or eating selenium-rich foods may help reduce the damage to neurons and minimize memory loss induced by fluoride…” Selenium is found in mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, and tomatoes. Ingesting foods like these in addition to lots of water, the fluoride should be out of you in no time!