This 105 Year Old Grandma Credits Yoga and Wine For Her Youthful Body

by in Video December 30, 2016

Eileen Ash was born on October 30, 1911, and is still alive and well today! She is 105 years old and still doing just fine.

Eileen lives in Norwich, England. She still drives and lives a normal life. In her most recent interview, she shares her secret to ‘good health’ and it is actually quite simple. Eileen spends her days attending yoga classes and has done this for thirty years! She does not yet wake up in pain or even with aches. Eileen believes that age is just a number. Which is very true in her case!

Yoga, a balanced diet, and red wine seem to do the trick when it comes to preserving yourself. I can only hope to live as long as Eileen will. To hear her story please watch the video below.