Science Says Take Your Clothes Off And Sleep Naked

by in Health December 29, 2016

When people hit the hay, everybody’s got their own unique sense of style. Some people are happy rocking underwear and a T-shirt, some prefer just the underwear and some prefer just the shirt. Because they’re weird. As it turns out though, having pajamas of any kind are not the way to the go.

While it may seem provocative it does not always have to pertain to sex related things. It is a way to boost other parts of our lives as well, it promotes a healthy mind and a healthy body! When you sleep naked you are going to be evolving in skin to skin contact (if you have a partner.) This is known to release more oxytocin and can lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and fight off depression.

When we are sleeping our bodies also drop temperatures. Sleeping naked helps to regulate this temperature and helps to maintain our cortisol levels. You will also release hormones like melatonin that will promote skin health. You will no longer be forced to deal with the effects of an overheating body. This will give you a much better nights sleep. No more restlessness or sleepless nights.

If you happen to be a man then you will be able to maintain a much better testicular health by sleeping naked. It will improve the quality of your sperm and keep those little swimmers swimming. If you are woman it will help you to avoid a yeast infection as well. It may feel a bit strange at first but after just a few short nights you will be ready to say goodbye to your pajamas for good.

Give sleeping in your birthday suit a try. It might be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. Enjoy!