Is Ayahuasca Right For You? 5 Benefits of Ayahuasca

by in Environment, Natural Cures December 26, 2016

As awareness of the benefits of natural drugs has seemingly come to the surface, and Ayahuasca has hit the list! Ayahuasca has much powerful and even life-changing health benefits. But, is it right for you?

Ayahuasca is an amazonian originated plant. The plant has many powerful benefits. It has often been said that the plant changed someone’s life. Many people talk about its spiritual awakening it gave them. Many also say that it gave them the power to surrender an emotional burden. But let’s get down to the root. What is it? Ayahuasca is an amazonian vine. It is noted for its hallucinogenic properties, which can bring a spiritual awakening to the beholder. It can make people come to full realization of the reality that they live in. Ayahuasca is most commonly found in the form of a drink, although it can be eaten or smoked.

Made from the vine Banisteriopsis caapi (often called caapi) and the leaf Psychotria Viridis, (known as chacruna) ayahuasca is both a portal to the spirit world, and an enigma that has baffled scientists and anthropologists for centuries. There are religions that have been based on the vine. It has tons of benefits, but here are five key ones to sum it all up.

The vine helps stimulate the spirit. The plant is not called the spirit vine for just any reason. People have believed for centuries that the plant itself contains a spirit. People often refer to it as The Mother Spirit. It is quite interesting to research, actually. They say this because the plant has a nurturing like quality to it. People believe that all things have spirits. Living or nonliving, we all have spirits and we all depend on each other. The drug induces a feeling of interconnectedness. Some users have even said that they have felt a connection with the mother spirit, some saying that they even saw her and spoke to her.

Emotional and Mental Health have been the most treated symptoms.  Ayahuasca helps improve mental and emotional health. The vine induces a self-acceptance. It helps you accept the flaws that you have, while skipping the feeling of insecurity. This process helps completely get rid of a materialistic ego. It helps people find love within themselves and accept themselves for who they are.

The vine has shown to increase physical health significantly. The ayahuasca has cancer fighting abilities! Although highly illegal almost everywhere, Ayahuasca is legal in Brazil. In brazil they are studying the vine and its cancer-fighting abilities. One patient, it was tested on was suffering from prostate cancer. The patient had undergone surgery that brought his PSA level to zero, but ten years later it started to rise. Another patient had severe ovarian cancer with metastasis. Both patients underwent a clinical study and both showed improvements!

One of the most profound benefits from this amazing plant is that it can cure PTSD. Not only can it cure PTSD, but it can also cure depression and addiction. Many people have traveled to Brazil in search of alternative treatment for these diseases and they found impressive results.A number of scientific studies have found Ayahuasca to be effective in helping PTSD patients formerly considered untreatable, and there is a tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence that the cathartic effects of Ayahuasca are real and long lasting. Typically only a few ceremonies, and often just one, are needed to create profound and positive changes.  

Ayahuasca is one of the most amazing plants on Earth and has numerous health benefits. This plant should be legalized in regards to it being further researched. Do you agree?