This Breakfast Will Make You Lose Weight so Fast, You’ll Feel Guilty About It

by in Food, Health, Video December 24, 2016

Skipping breakfast is not the way to lose weight. While you may want to cut back on food eating something good in the morning is essential to being able to lose weight.

Several university studies have even confirmed this. Eating a breakfast that is high in protein can help cut more calories throughout your day. A study done by a group of scientists published in the International Journal of Obesity studied overweight teens for around 12 weeks. The first group did not eat breakfast, the second group ate 13 grams of protein with a 350 calorie breakfast, and the last group ate 35 grams of protein with a 350 calorie breakfast. The first two groups did not experience any sort of weight loss while the third did.

They had improved their glycemic index,  and ate around 400 fewer calories each day. This resulted in them burning more fat overall. The protein group has more stable blood sugar levels, and has reduced their desire to eat. This has worked on their behalf and improved their body composition. Protein rich meals take more time to digest which means that you won’t be hungry as frequently. Try this for yourself. You will lose weight much quicker if you implement this into your daily routine. A high protein breakfast will have those calories cut back in no time.