Love Garlic? Here’s How to Grow Your Own at Home

by in DIY, Food, Health, Natural Cures December 17, 2016

Garlic could definitely be considered as a superfood, especially when it comes to enriching your health. However, its healthy properties are not the only thing that makes this amazing herb a must have staple, as it also provides a delectable taste and aroma to any dish.

Garlic is loaded to the gills with essential vitamins and minerals. It is also extremely low in calories while being high in Vitamin C, manganese, calcium, potassium, and selenium. Due to these extraordinary amounts of nutrients, garlic is a powerful way to enhance your health.

1. It Promotes Heart Health

Garlic consumption will decrease the risk of heart disease, and also assist your body with cholesterol processing. It also reduces high blood pressure.

2. It Strengthens the Immune System

Garlic’s immune system enhancing properties help your body to fight off disease and sicknesses including the flu, stomach viruses, and the common cold. If you consume garlic on a regular basis it reduces the risk of illness by an astounding 62%.

3. It Fights Cancer

Studies have shown that garlic aids in the prevention of various cancers, including stomach, colon, pancreas, and breast.

In order to receive the benefits of garlic most effectively, it is best to consume it in its organic form. Thankfully, it is extremely easy to grow your own organic garlic at home. Here’s how:

Break a bulb down into cloves and then place them in dampened soil, just a few inches deep. Face the pointed side outwards. Water your cloves on a regular basis, and watch for sprouting. Do not over water your garlic, because garlic does not need much water at all.

As it grows, cut off blooming flowers. This will preserve the distinct taste that garlic provides to your food.

Other than that, just make sure that you wait until it reaches up to 5-6 leaves before oiling it.

Once your garlic has reached its peak growth point, harvest and enjoy. Enjoying the amazing health benefits of garlic has never been so simple or as delicious as it is when you grow your own. Furthermore, you will enjoy the full range of its health benefits due to consuming it in its most organic form.