People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer!

by in Health December 14, 2016

If you make it through chemotherapy and cancer for five years you are considered a survivor. This happens even if you drop dead the next day, is five years really long enough to consider a  survivor?

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are definitely leading to death. This is because when undergoing these treatments you lose white blood cells; with no white blood cells, you can’t fight off things like the flu that turn into pneumonia and take lives.

We can’t actually get a proper number on the deaths caused by chemotherapy, because no matter what happens to the patient the doctors and hospitals will always pass it off as “cancer spreading too far.” Chemotherapy demolishes any immunities you may have had. Any common infection can become deadly to those going through chemo. Who in their right minds would ever think mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde would be able to cure someone of their cancer?

You can also die from a chemotherapy overdose. As I have mentioned before lots of people who are fighting cancer don’t actually have cancer. Doctors misdiagnose all the time and some have admitted to doing so on purpose. This meaning people are going through chemotherapy for NO reason what so ever. They are being treated for a disease they do not have and lied to by doctors who they have trusted. This is because the cancer industry is the easiest means of making money.

Those who are really fighting cancer are already weak and weakening their immune system further is not the answer. Cancer victims are being processed like products being sent out for profit. People who die from chemotherapy overdose because when they are already weak they still eat all the wrong things; cancer is not something that can be reversed. Eating things like chaga mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, hemp seed oil, and many other health foods can actually reduce your chances of getting cancer as well as reduce the cancer you may have.

The test results will not mention anything of a chemotherapy overdose once you have passed. The crooked world we live in is too busy making money off of chemotherapy to allow the truth to come out. Living healthy is the only way to save yourself from cancer. If you take the time to look at the death toll statistics for cancer  you will see that the number of deaths we are dealing with is far too large to be solely coming from cancer itself.

Most doctors would never go through chemo themselves so why let them put you through it? Most of the cancer deaths could easily be written off as chemotherapy overdoses if the truth were to be brought to life. For more information on chemotherapy and why you should not partake please watch the videos below. Don’t let the cancer industry be in charge of your life live healthily and find natural remedies.