How to Break the Habit of Overthinking

by in Spirituality December 14, 2016

As humans, we are addicted to many things. The thing we are addicted to the most is thinking.

This is one addiction you won’t hear much about. We overthink and push our stress limits to the max. It is difficult for us to let for of thoughts that make us upset. This is something we all should work on according to well known spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle.

Tolle is the author of The Power of Now and works to encourage people to become more aware of the moment we are currently in. As well as the pseudo sense of self we need to let go of. There are methods to ending the overthinking cycle, things you might not consider doing each day could actually dramatically cut back on your stress levels.

Are you the victim of overthinking? Do you lie in bed at night thinking unable to sleep? The video below might be just what you need. Listen to Tolle teach the ways of cutting out overthinking entirely.