4 Awesome Exercises For Your Glutes That Aren’t Squats

by in Health, Home December 13, 2016

Neglecting the muscles in your butt can be a very bad thing. Have you been neglecting your rear end?

Your glutes do more than you’d think. They work to support your spine, stabilize your pelvis, and even strengthen your legs. Building up your glutes is something that can Working out your glutes will do far more than just make you look better. Is it time for you to get your rear end in shape?

Here’s how you can easily with just 4 exercises:

  • Donkey Kicks

Begin with your hands and knees at shoulder’s and hip’s width. be sure to keep your abs and glutes tight then raise your right heel towards the ceiling. In doing this make sure your foot is directly above your butt. Keep your thigh no higher than your torso in order to prevent any possible spinal injuries. Hold this position for a small amount of time and then slowly return your knee towards the ground. Do this 2 times on each leg three sets at a time.

  • Fire Hydrant

Start this position as the donkey kick but open our right leg towards the side. Open your hips and be sure to keep your right thigh parallel to the floor. Do not touch your knee to the floor as you bring your knee back to the original position. Do this 20 times on each leg in sets of three.

  • Lunges

In order to do this exercise, you will need to stand straight with your legs at hips width apart. Slowly step forward with your right and bend your knee to a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for about six seconds. Now return to your original position. Do this in 15 times for each side in sets of three.

  • Squat Pulse

Stand up with your legs at hip’s width apart make sure your toes are turned outward and your arms are straight out in front of you. Squat down and keep your glutes and abs as tight as possible. Keep your knees in line with your toes and straighten your back. Hold this position for a second and then begin raising and lowering your butt as if you were bouncing. Bounce 20 times and then return to start position.

By maintaining a healthy butt you can reduce and prevent pain in many different areas of your body. Prevent future injuries by taking the time to do these exercises. You will look and feel much better in almost no time at all!