Science Sheds Light Why Heating Your Food With Microwave Radiation Might Be A Bad Idea

by in Food, Health, Home December 11, 2016

Using microwave radiation to heat food can in no way be good for our health, and in the future, it will be something considered common knowledge. While microwaves are convenient they are not safe.

Changing the chemical structure of our food before we ingest it doesn’t sound very appetizing honestly. Microwaves work by causing water molecules to resonate at overly high frequencies making them into a steam and thus heating your food. Just because microwaves are approved does not mean they are safe. At least half of the things approved these days is not safe for example tobacco, asbestos, glyphosate.

You see these microwaves are very different from other means of heating our food. Steaming our food or heating it on a stove top does not deform or distort the molecules in our food, microwaves do. This is something that is an issue in the medical field as well because microwaves are used to heat blood used in transfusions. The microwave radiation is known to damage the blood and in one case a woman actually died after receiving her transfusion.

When you microwave food you are losing a lot of the ‘health benefits’ you may have been gaining from eating that specific food. For example, when you microwave garlic for just one minute its active ingredient Alliinase becomes useless, breast milk when heated in the microwave loses immune boosting agents and broccoli loses most of its antioxidants. There is no way to truly eat healthy when using a microwave.

When microwaving we should never heat anything in a plastic container even if it says ‘microwave safe.’ This is something almost everyone does to the point of not even questioning it. Microwaving plastic is awful, you may already be aware that plastic itself contains tons of hormone disrupting chemicals. Did you know that chemical transfer works at an increased rate when heated? Yes, all of these hormone-disrupting chemicals are going into your nutritionally lacking meals.

Microwaves are awful for our health, by using these convenient killers we are hurting not only ourselves but the people around us as well. There has to be a better way than this. Please watch the video below, it is a little older but still very informative.