How To Heat A Room For Only 15 Cents Per Day

by in DIY, Environment, Home December 10, 2016

A youtuber and journalist, Dylan Winter has come up with an incredibly cost efficient way to heat a room! He says that you can heat a room for 8 hours for 15 cents a day! He uses a simple, yet innovative, invention that uses the basic laws of heat transfer and convection.

He shows on his youtube channel how the invention works. The invention is created using two flower pots, tea candles, and a bread tin. It really is incredible, and a simple do-it-yourself. Using about 4 tea candles, place them inside of a bread tin and covered with a ceramic flower pot that is upside down. The hole in the top of the flower pot is covered up with metal casing leftover from the tea candles. That pot is then covered by another larger pot. The holes in the top of the larger flower pot are left uncovered.

The science behind the invention is that the candles produce gasses full of heated particles that are captured and channeled through the pots. The particles rise up through the holes of the larger pot, distributing heat. The process created a convection current causing the cold air to fall into the warmer areas, and redistributing the warm air through the holes. Dylan says, “You get a nice flow around the pots, and it warms the room up. You’d be amazed.”

Dylan originally created the invention to use on his boats to conduct heat on cold nights on the water. He says that he hopes that the invention can help families heat their homes up while saving a dollar or two. You can watch him demonstrate his invention in the video below.