New Urgent Warning To All Cellphone Users: The Worst Place To Store Your Cellphone

by in Health, Video December 9, 2016

Do you consider cell phones to be dangerous? Is there anything we can do to reduce the impact they have on our health?

We all know about the blue light effect, but what else is our phone doing that we aren’t aware of? Our cell phones put off a small amount of radiation. Dr. Devra Davis has been researching the dangers of cell phones for quite some time now. At first, she too thought there was no chance of them causing health issues, but quickly had her eyes opened.

Davis has a large amount of evidence backing the things she says and she is working hard to get the word out about this very serious issue. Radiation constantly being emitted from your cell phone is an issue that needs to be addressed. By at the very least keeping ourselves from putting our devices on the more vulnerable areas of our bodies we will be able to reduce some of the impact from these devices.

As long as our phone is turned on it is emitting radiation. This happens whether we are making a call or if the phone is sitting in our pocket. Wearing a cell phone on your hip (in your pocket) is giving that specific area of you body continuous radiation exposure. This is awful! Radiation can affect almost all parts of your life. To hear what Davis has to say please watch the video below.