You Can Make This Cozy Blanket In Just Four Hours

by in DIY December 8, 2016

Winter is upon us, and soon temperatures outside will be dropping drastically. Fight against the cold with this comfy and warm blanket, that you can easily make yourself!

Typically, blanket making requires knitting needles or other expensive equipment. However, this particular tutorial utilizes PVC tubes instead, making this project that much easier. The blanket that you will be making is composed of chunky yarn, which makes this blanket amazingly soft and warm, and also the perfect decorative accent to any room in your house.

You will need these items:

  • Rolls of chunky yarn (you can get it on Amazon)
  • Two long 1 ½ inch PVC tubes
  • Duct tape

Step 1: Use duct tape to sharpen the ends of your PVC tubes.


Step 2: Use your homemade, giant knitting needles, in the same manner, you would use regular ones. (Knit once, then purl twice) If you create 24 loops across, you will create a decently large blanket, that will be perfect for snuggling.


Step 3: Finish the edges by using the end piece to weave in and out loops to creat an edge.


Step 4: Tie a loose knot when the cord runs out.



Last step? Enjoy your new blanket! Or, better yet, fold it up, throw it in a nice gift box, and give a close friend or family member the best Christmas gift ever. These blankets are beautiful, and look wonderful at the end of your bed, thrown over the couch, or on a nice blanket rack. So, get your crafting pants on, grab some PVC and duct tape, and get to it. This project is a must for any DIYer.