Watch Your Kidney Stones Come Out With This Amazing Home Remedy

by in DIY, Natural Cures December 7, 2016

Your kidneys are extremely important, and it is vital that we do what we can in order to keep them healthy. Our kidneys cleanse our bodies of toxins without them we would not be able to continue on.

Properly cleansing your kidneys is something that should be done frequently in order to make sure they are working properly. Kidneys do a number of things they even absorb things like stones and sand from the body. Following the natural recipe below will keep your kidneys detoxed and running efficiently.

Kidney Cleanse:

Things Needed:

  • A small amount of parsley leaves or coriander depending on preference
  • Water


  • Chop the leaves into large pieces
  • Put them in a bowl and pour water over them (just enough to cover them)
  • Place the bowl over heat and boil it for around ten minutes
  • Remove the bowl from the heat and leave it to cool
  • Strain and refrigerate
  • Drink one cup of this mixture while cold every day. After a few days, you will notice your urine color has changed

If done properly this cleanse will have your kidneys working how they should be in just a few short days. Enjoy!