9 Reasons Why You Should a Have Himalayan Salt Lamp in Your Home!

by in Environment, Health, Home December 7, 2016

Have you ever heard of a Himalayan pink salt lamp? Do you know how you can benefit by having one in you home?

By having one of these in your home you will have a source of positive energy and fresh clean air. Himalayan pink salt lamps can benefit you in a range of ways.

  • Reduce Static Electricity In The Air- Static makes us stress and can lead to intense frustration. It will also ruin your hair. These lamps work to neutralize static electricity as they neutralize airborne ionized particles. Those are the reasons static electricity occurs in the first place, eliminate those and the static goes away as well.
  • Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation- We are always being surrounded by electromagnetic radiation, this comes from the technological devices we use frequently. Things like our televisions, cell phones, tablets, and computers.These lamps emit something known as negative ions which work to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation.
  • Treat Seasonal Effective Disorder- The natural light generated from these lamps as I mentioned above works to generate negative ions. These can help to improve one’s mood and boost one’s energy as well.
  • Deodorize And Cleanse The Air- These lamps are also really good at removing pollen, dust, and overall minor contamination from the air effectively.
  • Treat Basic Allergy Symptoms- These lamps can remove things from the air that cause allergy symptoms. Things like mold, dust, pet dander, and even mildew.
  • Improve Your Quality Of Sleep- Being exposed to too many positive ions in the air is known to lower your quality of sleep. The positive particles work to reduce the oxygen and blood supply you’re getting to you brain and can cause irregular sleeping patterns.
  • Eases Coughing- These lamps absorb water and particles found in the air. When the lamp is heated the water gets released back into the air. The water being released is now purified.
  • Environmentally Friendly Light Source- These lamps are considered environmentally friendly as their base is made of sustainable wood and the bulb is a very low wattage. This lamp consumes a small amount of energy.
  • Improving Concentration And Mood- The negative ions released by this lamp are known to improve the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain. This helps you to concentrate and relax. The negative ions are also able to boost your release of serotonin which makes you all around more cheerful.

When picking out just what size Himalayan pink salt lamp you will need you should take into account the size of the room in which you will be putting the lamp to use. The larger the room the bigger the crystal you will need. Of course, you can have more than one lamp in each room, but appropriate sized lamps for the areas you spend the most time in is very important. You may also want to use larger ones for rooms in which you use electrical devices the most.

After buying your lamp and plugging it in you should begin to notice a difference within a week. Maybe now is the time to get one for yourself? What have you got to lose? Please watch the video below for more information on the Himalayan pink salt lamp.