Vapen Clear: Meet The World’s First Cannabis Inhaler

by in Health, Other December 6, 2016

While you can see that the number of cannabis advocates are increasing it is apparent that the number of creative innovators is as well. I see new amazing things left and right.

The world’s first-ever cannabis inhaler is rolling out right now and is known as the Vapen Clear. This neat little creation looks just like your average inhaler and works the same way except this one contains no albuterol. The Vapen Clear releases THC, packing a powerful ten milligrams per puff.


Each cartridge is around one hundred puffs and can be adjusted to meet your needs. This is a pretty interesting little gadget, while vaporizer pens heat the contents the Vapen Clear does not. It simply uses a propellant to blast the medicine inside your lungs directly. It also comes in three different designs!

There is a daytime inhaler which includes THC from a Sativa strain because Sativa produces energy rather than make you mellow. The other two options being a nighttime inhaler with Indica strain for a chilled out effect and an afternoon inhaler for a steady buzz coming from a Sativa and Indica mix. You could get one of each or one of whichever you prefer. (More mixtures are in the works.)

The Vapen Clear itself is virtually odorless and is discreet. Who wouldn’t want one? This could be quite the amazing product for more information please watch the video below.