While You Were Distracted By BREXIT And TRUMP, Monsanto’s Senate Puppets Push Through Bill To OUTLAW GMO Labelling

by in Food, Health, Other December 4, 2016

While people were concerned with things like Brexit and Trump, the United States government once again took advantage of the commotion. Using this as a way to distract the people from the issues at hand.

During this time they snuck a new law in, one that will completely ban all GMO labeling state laws across the United States. This agreement came from the United States Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry and is called the “Bipartisan Agriculture Biotechnology Compromise Solution.” Yet, this compromise is extremely one-sided and only works to help the agenda of Big Food Corporations.

This ‘compromise’ states that GMO food does not need to be labeled for at least the next two years. It also gives the USDA the right to deem any food with less than fifty percent bioengineered content to be considered ‘non-GMO!’ This new law also goes so far as to consider GMO-fed animals not bioengineered, something completely wrong especially if they have been fed GMO all their lives. They will be considered ‘natural.’

The law states that “the form of a food disclosure under this section be a text, symbol, or electronic or digital link…”  This meaning that the will put a scannable QR code on products for consumers who want to access the ingredients. This will make it much harder for people to know just what is in the food they may be buying. All other food labels require words or numbers yet for some reason the government is giving the GMO food business a free ride and special permissions. Using an unreadable code is completely ridiculous!

To read the complete law click here. Just be prepared to be disgusted by how much favor our government is showing Monsanto. When will this madness end?