Add Just 3 Drops Of Oregano Oil To Your Water And See What Happens To Your Lungs

by in Food, Health, Natural Cures December 1, 2016

As it gets colder we are more susceptible to things like colds and the flu. However, there are things we can do treat our flu and cold like symptoms.

You can actually treat these symptoms with something as simple as oregano. Oregano actually holds many different amazing healing properties. Oregano is high in things like omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, vitamin K, B-vitamins, fiber, and manganese. The microbes and pathogens found in oregano are perfect when it comes to treating any sort of respiratory tract illnesses.

There are many studies confirming this one being a study that was presented at the American College of Nutrition Annual meeting back in 2001 and showed a small amount of oregano oil in a test tube stopped the growth of pathogens in a way similar to that of antibiotics. This is great because we are able to knock out things before they get bad. Before we get to the point where we need to see a doctor.

How to use oregano for respiratory illness symptoms:

Things Needed:

  • Oregano oil
  • water


  • Add three drops of oregano oil into the water
  • Mix slightly and drink all of it
  • Do this once a day for five days if you feel a cold coming on in order to boost your immune system