European Study Discovers Raw Milk Boosts Immunity, Prevents Colds & Infections

by in Environment, Food, Health, Video September 21, 2016

While the United States FDA has made claims that it would be a death sentence to consume raw milk, according to this study it would be the exact opposite. Drinking raw milk can actually prevent colds and other respiratory infections.

This study was done published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and was done by several researchers, doctors, and other medical professionals across Europe. They investigated the effects of raw mild versus boiled farm fresh milk and commercially processed milk. Participating in this research were a group of women who lived and worked on livestock farms in many rural areas throughout Central Europe.

All of these women were in their third trimesters of pregnancy during the time of this study and lots of information was acquired like their lifestyle patterns and milk drinking habits. Overall nine hundred and eighty-three children were included in the final data set. This ended up revealing that milk in its raw pure unobstructed form is far superior to the others in terms of immune boosting nutrients. Raw milk as it turns out works very similarly like breast milk. It provides protective and anti-infective benefits for children. Raw milk works against things like inflammation while processed milk has been shown to help promote it thanks to it’s altered proteins.

Sadly ultra heat treated commercial milk is the most widely available milk on the market. Commercial milk itself was not found to decrease levels of C-reactive protein which can be a leading cause of disease. This is something very specific with fevers. Raw milk on the other hand decreases respiratory infections and fevers. This could be very beneficial to babies and young children. In Europe raw milk is something openly accepted increasingly so. There are even raw milk vending machines in some countries but here in the United States irrationality and paranoia have landed raw milk in the category marked dangerous. If you can get ahold of some raw milk by all means drink it. It will do your family more good than you could ever know. Don’t feed into the fear that it isn’t good for you. It really is great for you.