Stop buying Avocados! Here’s How To Grow An Avocado Tree In A Small Pot At Home

by in Food, Home September 17, 2016

Avocados are very common ingredients in many different meals and desserts. But did you know that these can be grown at home rather than spending outrageous amounts on them in stores?

You see the more popular a fruit becomes the higher the price rises. The grocery stores will try to profit as much as possible. Luckily these tasty treats are easy to grow at home from a seed. Here’s how:

  • You will need an avocado seed that you have cleaned well.
  • Make sure you know which end is the bottom and which end is the top. Stick four toothpicks into it and make sure they are all equal distances apart.
  • Place this seed in a glass of water and the toothpicks should of course allow it to soak in about one inch of water.
  • Place the seed in a warm place with direct sunlight.
  • Wait about three to five weeks. You will notice the stem has grown about six inches.
  • Then you will need to cut the stem back down to three inches. This will mean you need to wait once again for the stem to reach the previous length. This will allow more leaves to grow.
  • You should finda somewhat large pot with about ten inches in diameter with a hole in the bottom for drainage of course. Fill it with nutrient rich soil and leave a hole in the top for the seed.
  • Place the seed in the hole, it should not be planted too deep. Half of the seed should remain above  the soil.
  • Keep this pot in a sunny place and water it often and generously. It should stay moist.
  • If it happens to not be recieving enough water you will notice the leaves becoming dry and brown.
  • If you happen to be over watering it the leaves will become droopy and yellow.

In the end if you follow these directions you will end up with a lovely avocado tree. Enjoy!