9-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed & Blind Two Days After Receiving Flu Shot

by in Health, Video September 16, 2016

One nine year old girl from Texas is now at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. This little girl was severely injured by a flu shot!

Her name is Brianna Browning and she is in fourth grade and perfectly healthy at home in Crystal Beach, Texas. She was injected with the flu shot at Bolivar Peninsula School and soon after something shocking and terrible happened. Brianna is paralyzed from the waste down and completely blind! This little girl’s symptoms showed up a mere eight hours after receiving the flu shot. He mother says she was vomiting with no relief. This is not the first time something like this has happened if you remember the happy healthy girl named  MarySue who was paralyzed as well a few years back in Florida after receiving the flu shot herself.

Brianna received this shot on Thursday and was paralyzed by Saturday unable to move from the waist down. Her parents have stated that it appeared as if she had a seizure and doctors have diagnosed this young lady with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). Something that is known to be triggered by vaccines. Doctors are now saying that her recovery could take up to a year with some symptoms never residing. Meaning this sweet little girl might just be paralyzed forever. For more Information watch the video on this below.