More Than 65 Percent Of The U.S. Has Unsafe Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Drinking Water

by in Health, Video September 14, 2016

In literally thirty three states here in the United States there have been levels found of industrial chemicals linked with things like developmental issues, tumor growth, hormonal disruption and liver damage in amounts that actually exceed the federally recommended safety levels. Waters here are filled with things like chlorine and fluoride.

There are more than 80,000 chemicals used within the U.S. yet only 91 are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. For quite some time now chemicals with unknown toxicities have been allowed to be used and released into our environment. We are now having to face the consequences.  PFASs have been used for over sixty years now in commercial products ranging from clothing. pots and pans. to food wrappers. these PFASs have been linked with cancer and hormone disruption. We are exposed to these sorts of things by doing something so simple as drinking water.

By drinking water contaminated with these toxic chemicals we are causing serious health issues and life threatening issues even more so than originally assumed. Drinking tap water that contains PFOA is something that we should never do yet most of us do every single day. Something needs to be done about this issue. Please take the time to learn more and help towards keeping yourself and your family safe.