Cancer Packed In A Can! This Is One Of The Most Unhealthy Products On The Market!

by in Food, Health, Video September 5, 2016

While Pringles are by far one of the most popular chips across the world it is something we should definitely try to avoid. These chips can be extremely harmful as they are loaded with carcinogens.

Did you know that Pringles aren’t even made from potatoes? They’re made from potato flakes, corn, and wheat amongst other things. They mix these ingredients in the initial phase and form it into a dough, this is then pressed into molds. After that though they are put into boiling oil and sprayed with various flavors.

These chips contain a  by-product known as Acrylamide. This is a very dangerous carcinogen. One that is known to cause cancer in animals. This is also known to be toxic to people depending on the dosage. It can damage one’s nervous system.

Acrylamide is created during the preparation process when foods are made at higher temperatures. Whether the food is roasted or baked this by-product is created.

All foods cooked at temperatures higher than one hundred degree Celsius  contain this toxin. Potato chips are a very dangerous threat as they are loaded down with harmful ingredients. The state of California itself actually even sued producers of potato chips back in 2005 because they had not been warning consumers about the health risks of the ingredients and product itself.

We should do our best to avoid Pringles and other potato chip brands in order to prevent allowing toxins into our bodies. Please watch the video below for more information on this matter.