According To The FDA Frosted Flakes Are “Healthier” Than Avocados!

by in Food, Health, Video August 31, 2016

As I am sure you have already come to know, what the FDA considers healthy definitely some sort of outdated version of healthy. The more we learn about things the FDA allows the more we see just how unhealthy they really are.

The FDA is an organization whose motives have been questioned by citizens of the United States for many years now. Lots of people speculate that the organization has been bribed by big food companies that want a hold on what the FDA considers healthy in order to misguide children and adults about what to eat. In the eyes of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) processed foods are more healthy than wholesome produce.

The FDA doesn’t even have a caveat that states as it should that foods high in unsaturated fats (the healthy ones found in things like avocados) are better than foods low in saturated fats. This is a big issue because as the source of the fat and other things that make the food and whether they were formed naturally is vitally important to the people consuming it. Essentially by not differentiating the saturated and unsaturated fats the FDA is saying that Frosted Flakes (loaded with sugar and hardly nutritious) are healthier than avocados.

The laws over what is and isn’t healthy have been standing unscathed even through the outrage being caused by them. These attacks have increased recently as the FDA felt it necessary to write a three thousand two hundred word letter to Kind snack food company in which they attacked them for calling their bars ‘healthy’. The FDA demanded that Kind ceased calling their bars healthy even though the bars are very healthy (full of antioxidants and fatty acids). The FDA rightfully received backlash from citizens who are aware of what healthy really means.

This caused the FDA to in the heat of the moment actually admit that their definition as to what was good to consume was outdated and they agreed to redefine the term. Granted I’m sure their new definition will be just as empty and vague as the present one. When it comes to our health the FDA does not have our best interests in mind at all. As consumers, we should do our own research if we wish to eat and drink things that will actually benefit our health rather than tear us down. Please take the time to watch the video below for more information on this issue.